Portraits From Necronomicon 2006

(Necronomicon is a Convention of Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror fans in its 25th year.  http:/www.stonehill.org/Necro.htm)

We'd like to thank everyone who posed for us at Necro 2006.  Kim and I had a great time shooting you folks.  The costumes were fabulous.  We got some terrific images, and hope that you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.  Profits go to Kids and Canines, so spend freely!  

Please note that we shot over 2,100 photographs at Necronomicon 2006.  In order to make navigating this web site quicker and easier, we've narrowed the selection down to our 740 favorites.  The additional photos not seen here will be included with CD and DVD orders.

Kent Akselsen

Kim Smith

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2006-4282 Melody as Pirate Lady.jpg

Option 1: Download ZIP File With Thumbnails Of Our Favorite Images From Necro 2006 (contains 740 images, 256 x 384 pixels, highly compressed, 10.9 MB total)

Option 2: Individual Thumbnails Of Our Favorite Images from Necro 2006 (256 x 384 pixels, highly compressed, same as in the ZIP file)





Individual JPG Files (2048 x 3072 pixels, 1.3MB to 3.0 MB, depending on subject)

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CD-R of all of your JPG Files from Necronomicon 2006 (one person or a group photographed together) mailed to you, 7-10 days $50 each
DVD of all JPG Files from Necronomicon 2006 (over 2,000 images, 2048 x 3072 pixels, over 3 GB total) mailed to you, 7-10 days $100.00 (less than .06/image!)
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8" x 10" - $20
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Custom Retouching - Want perfect skin?  I can do anything from retouching a blemish to placing you on another planet. depends on complexity $5 and up
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